Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coventry St Boutique Closing

After three exciting years, House of Snowball will be closing our Coventry Street Boutique in South Melbourne. 

House of Snowball will be taking a new direction for the brand with a major focus on designing Ready to Wear collections. Utilising our creativity and experience, we will be spending more time concentrating on designing and producing beautiful clothing that is more accessible to you. 

Kristie and Louise Coakley, House of Snowball designers in Coventry St Boutique March, 2010
Top; Designer, Kristie Coakley in the doorway of the newly opened House of Snowball
Through our customized and made to measure designs we have gained a clear understanding of what it is our customers want. Many women have expressed to us how difficult it is to find something special, as well as flattering, that is well made using quality fabrics. We are hoping to find the formula to bring this to you in a more accessible way and continue to use clever design and fabric choices to solve these issues on a season to season basis. 

Those of you who walk past the shop each week to look at the window display and see us work on new creations, don't be sad, you will still be able to be inspired online at anytime of the day. With a virtual shop, designers Kristie and Louise Coakley will be blogging photographs of new creations and design sketches daily. 
Facebook Nov, 12  Winners at The Melbourne Cup
You can also "like" us on facebook to follow day to day activities and interact with other followers, showing us how you wore your House of Snowball pieces. 

As most of you know our Online E-Boutique will continue to feature our latest accessories and dress collections, and we will inform you of new national and international stockists as they arise.

Some of our rare and beautiful pieces will be available in the boutique at reduced prices until closing on Sunday 16th December.


The following is a tribute to the people who have made House of Snowball boutique a reality. With some genuine quotes by local customers over the years.
Designers, Louise and Kristie ( centre right ) with models at the Press Launch of House of Snowball Coventry St opening, May 2010.

Top Left; Kristie Coakley sewing a wedding dress, Top right; Ailsa Woodyard sewing 'Betsy' Dress
Above; Heidi Coakley photographing new Abbie Walsh stock

"It's just so exquisite, it's like... it's like Paris!" A Customer, Wed 27th April, 2010

Above Left; Paul Rowe in the shop, 2010. Above Right; A visit from London, Laura Lawrance.

"So amazing! You have the best shop in all of Melbourne!" A Customer, Monday, 15th March, 2010

"Oh I just love this shop!" A Customer, Friday 26th March, 2010

On Skype with accessories designer, Abbie Walsh in London when "Lady Luxe" Mario Testino shoot came out, Feb 2012


Above Left: Louise Auréjac, A.K.A. "Paris Louise" sewing in the Atelier, 2011, Above Right; Paul Rowe behind the scenes, 2012.

Left; Kristie cutting the hems of Yellow Daisy Dress , Right; Louise working on Siobhan's wedding dress.

"It's so lovely to see clothes with such an amazing finish! You don't see clothes like this these days!"
"That dress has the wow factor!"
"That is the most amazing dress!" A Customer, Saturday, 3rd April, 2010

House of Snowball Designers in action, Kristie (left) working out a calico toile and Louise (right) with tulle wedding dress skirt.

"I think I'll have to wait til I get to heaven before I can do something as beautiful as this!" A Customer, Sunday 26th Sept, 2010
Creative draping and designing after hours at House of Snowball in 2011.

"Oh it's so beautiful! It's like being in Paris!" A Customer, Wed 5th May, 2010

Above; House of Snowball window display after first feature in Vogue UK with cuffs photographed by Mario Testino, September 2011

"Your shop just makes the world a better place." A Customer, Sat 25th June, 2011

Kristie and Paul drinking "Snowballs", Christmas 2011
  Congratulations to Kristie and Paul on their engagement.
House of Snowball Coventry St Boutique hand-painted posters up before opening in 2010.

House of Snowball, 277 Coventry St will be closing on Sunday 16th December, 2012.

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