Monday, July 16, 2012

Postcards from LuLu - A Designer's Pilgrimage Part 2 - Italy Inspires

Ah Italy.
Florence is the starting point in the Italian tour and elegant design is everywhere you turn.
There is an undenying and long history of taking pride in visual expression.
Repetition and fine detail seem to be a re-occurring theme...

Pictured above left; La Cerchiata( Latticework) where a long line of holm oaks have been pruned to form a continuous tunnel. This was cultivated between 1612 and 1614.
Above Right - Street lamp Pestoia Train Station, Florence

Vasca dell'Isola (Island Pond) , Florence

Chandelier and view of Florence at Knight's Lodge, Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens, Florence

Boboli Gardens Ceiling Amphitheatre M.Buontalenti's Grotto

Obika Mozzarella Bar (Above) is located inside the historic Palazzo Tornabuoni, in the elegant Via Tornabuoni, a famous street which is very well known by fashion lovers, looks like Louise loved this cafe spot too...

Florentine Artisan's hand-made cotton Guipure lace.
A souvenir from Florence to take back for a one-off House of Snowball design for next season.
Repetition and fine detail...
Ah Firenze.


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