Thursday, July 19, 2012

Postcards from LuLu - A Designer's Pilgrimage Part 3 - The Colour of Venice

On arrival in Venice, Louise was met with majestic storm clouds and stunning lightening that lit up the city with bold hues of ultraviolet blues complimenting the worn ochre limestone and rustic painted walls.The photos below 'strike' you with rich authentic colour and texture, making Venice the generous source of inspiration that it is.

The morning sunlight brought to light the rustic weathered walls and Venitian traditions...

(Above) Taken through the window of the Peggy Guggenheim Gallery

(Above Left) Galleria Della Academia, (Above Right) The ceiling of the gallery

(Above) Blue Dancer by Gino Severini (1883 - 1966) in the Peggy Guggenheim Gallery

Harmony of texture, tonal colour, line, repetition...

Simple Venetian romance.

With so many inspiring pictures "The Colour of Venice" is;

To be continued....

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